The Value of a Stay at Home Mom

I was recently in a group of people where we introduced ourselves and shared what we did. As we went around the circle, it struck me how many women announced they didn’t do anything; they were just a stay at home mom.

It made me think of the value (or lack thereof) our society puts on a stay at home parent. Through the course of the day, a stay at home parent wears many hats. We become cooks, house cleaners, play mates, boo boo fixers, and, in some cases, referees.


Perhaps, one of the most important hats we wear is that of a teacher. Proverbs 22:6 says “train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. We are called to pour into our children. We should take every opportunity to teach them; of course we can teach them abc’s and 123, but it doesn’t stop there. We all know to say please and thank you; yes ma’am and yes sir. We also need to teach our children to love and fear the Lord. This precious relationship will grow as much as you nurture it.

Children are sponges to everything which they see and hear around them; The more we can model God’s love, the more realistic that love becomes to a child. My 3 year old recently memorized John 3:16 and the joy I felt watching him along this process is indescribable.


I never imagined myself being a stay at home mom, much less enjoying it as much as I do, but God has plans for us that are all His. We should cherish this opportunity to be with our kids. Never underestimate the importance of your role in the home.

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