Mothers Day Gift (for Nana)

I am a little behind on posting this for Mothers Day this year, but think next year (or birthday/ Christmas). I decided to involve the kids to make my mother in law’s gift this year (because I mean how hard is it to buy for parents, right?!).

I personally think grandparents take special appreciation in keepsake gifts, so I went with stepping stones with the kids’ footprints.

I made them using salt dough:
Mix together
1 cup of salt
2 1/2+ cups of flour
1 cup warm water
My dough did turn out a little sticky so I added extra flour, but I also needed it to be thicker to get a good imprint of the kids’ feet.

As you can see, some of the dough stuck to the bottom of the foot, so we just patched it with left over dough. We then baked them at 250 degrees and let them cool before painting.

We used acrylic paint and cotton balls for easy handling with little hands.

See paint used for this project

I attempted to let each kid paint their respective stone, but Fox is still discovering her creative gene so I did the painting on her’s. I finished by painting Nana’s Sweetheart (since their feet formed a heart shape) and their names and year for later reference.