Dear Little One, Teach Me to Love

Upon having kids, you begin to see the world differently. With every breath they take, every milestone marker they reach, you discover something new along the way. Moose and Fox are at ages now where they love to play- ALL THE TIME. And what’s more fun than playing with someone new? One trip to the park with a toddler and you will instantly reevaluate the way you love.

Every person they meet is a possibility for a playmate. Kids love with abandon. There is no right or wrong in their equation. Watching them makes me evaluate the way I build relationships. I feel like I am naturally an introvert (until you get to know me, then I’ll talk you ear off (some days)), so I tend to be more hesitant in the way I greet people.

This is brought even more to the forefront of my attention living in the south. I am a Buckeye born and bred and northern life is so much different. You hear lots of talk about Southern hospitality and how welcoming the spirit is in the South- and from what I have experienced it’s all true. Even so, there is a difference in the way kids see the world.

Perhaps, as adults, we are conditioned to be cynical and not look for the positive possibilities which endlessly abound around us. We, too quickly, get caught up in our personal judgement of someone before giving them a fair chance. What would our world look like if, for one day even, we all loved as children love? How many friendships would be forged? How many grudges forgotten?

Matthew 19:14 says, “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” I have this great responsibility to teach and lead my children, and yet so many times I feel in adequate to do so. Kids look at the world with endless possibilities; I often dwell on missed opportunities. My challenge to myself is to live a day through the eyes of my kids. Don’t look past the stranger just because they don’t seem like my type of person. Even if it’s just a kind “Hello,” that might just be the difference maker in someone’s day.

My moose and fox- in nature you would never see them hanging out. But in the world of child, they are each other’s best friend. 

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  1. I truly enjoy reading your posts that even at 12:30 in the morning when I see my email that you have posted, I have to read it! I am learning so much from you about even being a better “Nana”! Can’t wait for your next post and oh by the way, love the pictures!

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