Embracing the Chaos

Life is full of chaos. There’s no way to avoid it, which is truly difficult to accept for someone with a Type A personality. I like things to stick to a plan and no matter how hard I try, when things start to go awry, I stress.

I found these awesome paint tools and could not wait to test them out with Moose and Fox. Last Friday, I gathered our paints, paint tools, some white poster board, and clothes pins to hang our “canvases” and gathered the troops to head outside.

Excited doesn’t begin to describe how I was feeling. I had this picture perfect image of how this art session was going to go. Moose and Fox would figure out how to strategically place the rollers in the paint so colors wouldn’t mix; it would roll out into this Picasso-like masterpiece that they would be proud to show off. (Unrealistic I know, but did I mention I’m Type A?) Aaannddd cue the chaos. 

When you’re crafting with toddlers, it never goes as planned. Even after countless experiences with this, it still catches me off guard that they don’t grasp my picture of how to do art and crafts. After a few strokes with paint, Fox found the water table I had set up for cleaning. And just like any other kid, it’s monkey see monkey do, and Moose was soon right there with her. They both(seemingly)  found more enjoyment in painting the fence with water than using the paint on our make shift canvases.

I was deflated. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had somehow failed at showing the kids a good time. I reminded myself that they did have fun, but because it wasn’t the fun I had envisioned, it just didn’t measure up.

The weekend went by in a haze and Monday morning found me with a case of the Monday blues. I had two art projects that we had previously started that still needed completed and neither kid wanted to finish their breakfast without performing a tooth removal from a crocodile. Do not let this be THAT day. 

I knew I had to pull myself out of this funk but how? While that was still weighing on my mind, I decided to head out and try complete the next phase in our projects. (Why do I keep giving myself such time consuming tasks??) 

Anytime you are crafting you have a challenge in it’s own right; Crafting with two toddlers and a crazy dog and all rules are out the window. Who’s hairbrained idea was this anyway??? Oh yeah, I was the mastermind behind this. Step one- Moose and Fox prints on our soon to be flower pots.

That wasn’t so bad. Step 2- prints from all three kids for our Father’s Day gift (blog post coming soon). Enter BEDLAM. (Ever since we lived in Stillwater, OK I have a new love of this word. (Go Pokes!) Bedlam: a scene of uproar and confusion) Moose was easy; Fox loved having the paint applied but could care less about making the perfect print.

Jeter- where do I begin with Jeter? I couldn’t leave him out because, afterall, he was our first kid. As I was trying to corral him for a third attempt at an acceptable paw print, something spoke to me- “Embrace the chaos.” That’s what my journey as a mom has been all about so let’s give it a go.

I let go of my idea of perfectionism and chose to ride the wave. Once I changed my attitude about this, everyone else seemed to chill right along with me. Jeter, as patient as a dog getting his paw pressed, allowed me to achieve what I deemed a pretty acceptable paw print; Moose and Fox began to play without me feeling like we were all waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Dare I say it, I began to laugh. Life isn’t perfect and it doesn’t always go the way we want it, but why should that keep us from enjoying it?

Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed in dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”

19 Replies to “Embracing the Chaos”

    1. I often wonder why I attempt such things, but the memories I make (even if they’re my own) make the chaos worth it.

  1. This reminds me of a yoga class I took with my toddler. I guess I expected to do more yoga than we did, but you can never really plan with a toddler. It was still fun though and a good lesson to go with the flow.

    1. Going with flow, I think that’s what motherhood is all about. I attempt to do Pilates with my kids and it’s a good reminder that they are young and still discovering so much.

  2. From my experience, it is hard enough to keep my own crafting projects from getting too chaotic … I don’t know HOW you do it with two children and a dog :)!

    1. Some days I don’t know HOW I do it with my crew, but the lasting memories I forge (even if they’re solely mine) make the chaos worth it. It’s always an experience!

    1. Learning to let go isn’t always easy (I struggle daily) but it helps to learn to enjoy things a little more. Letting go=less stress=happier mom☺️

  3. Oh my gosh, when my son was 2 we attempted a hand print craft and all hell broke loose. I should have realized that a kid who hates to have his hands dirty would not enjoy having his hand painted. Oh well, live and learn. Number 2 is far more willing to get messy.

  4. Such a great message! Life isn’t perfect, but no one ever said that life would be perfect, so we definitely should enjoy and embrace life regardless of the chaos.

    1. Sometimes the chaos makes the best memories. If everything was perfect, what would set each moment apart as memorable? The chaos creates stories, stories create memories, and that’s what I cherish as a mom of toddlers.

    2. My “mantra”, so to speak, lately has been if life was perfect what would set one memory apart from the next. I think the chaos is what makes moments stand out- it’s important that we do learn to embrace it and turn it into a positive rather than a negative.

  5. It looks like the kids had an amazing time with their art creations! Definitely not a failure at all on your part. I’ve had to learn that sometimes things do not go as planned but it may still end up being a great time.

  6. Omg, your kids are so adorable. I just enjoy reading this post, because I could feel the fun and creative energy on what’s going on. Love your blog

    1. Thanks!!! This was a fun post to write. I know my kids are going to be different than me and I’m learning to embrace that, I just can’t resist trying to get the creative juices flowing.

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