To the Dad Working Extra Hours

As a SAHM, I am guilty of focusing on all the things I do during the day which Daddy doesn’t get to help with. Whether it’s cleaning, changing diapers, fixing dinner or simply just keeping the kids alive, I easily become consumed with the tasks to check off on my to-do list. I have recently been thinking about the things that occupy Daddy’s plate?

We are in the midst of NCAA baseball playoffs which means my husband is putting in extra long hours and is away from home during the time Moose and Fox are awake. We planned breakfast at Chick-Fil-A Saturday before he had to report for duty; as Daddy was preparing to leave, Moose was telling him bye. Choking back tears, Moose hugged Daddy and told him “I don’t want you to leave. I want you to play.” My heart instantly broke.

I so easily get caught up in how I feel the cards are stacked against me, I overlook the feelings which must consume Daddy in those moments. Things often go unsaid because I assume they are unspoken knowledge. Maybe we need to voice them a little more often.
Thank you, Daddy, for saying ‘no’ when the kids ask for a little more of your time to play. I admire the way you hold your head high and don’t show the effect this has on you. Kids endlessly want to play, so I know there will always be another opportunity to play. Nevertheless,  I can’t begin to fathom the way this breaks your heart. I only know the way it hurts me to see the way our little boy deflates when it’s time to say “Bye.” Because you go to work, I am not in a position where I will have to tell the kids ‘no’ when they ask to play.

Thank you, Daddy, for providing for us. This is such an easy one to overlook. Of course we appreciate you working and earning money for us to live on. So why is it so easy to forget to say thanks every now and then? Perhaps we get caught up in the chaos of life and assume our actions speak for us. But I am truly thankful for your willingness to go to work day in and day out while I stay at home. I know work is hectic and there are days where you want to throw in the towel. Without you, none of this would be possible and I am so grateful for your dedication to your job, but more importantly your dedication to your family.

Thank you, Husband, for being my parenting partner. To be completely honest, I have so many selfish moments and expectations of what your role should be for our family. Selfishly, I expect you to come home ready to switch gears from the guy who has been working all day to the guy who gives Mommy a break; selfishly, when I have a bad or stressful day with the kids, regardless of how your day has been, I want you to be ready to make the wrongs right again. It’s an unfair expectation; you need time to unwind the same way I do, so thank you for being by my side through this journey. Thank you for coming home ready to play cars, baseball, or Minnie Mouse. Thank you for stepping into a chaotic dance party or helping put the finishing touches on dinner.

I thank you, dear Husband, for supporting me. As a mom, I constantly second guess the decisions I am making, but your confidence in me boosts my spirits and reminds me nobody expects perfection (except maybe myself). The kids love us for who we are, not the parents we think we should be.  In life, anytime I attempt something new, failure does not come easily in my vocabulary. Thank you for reminding me it’s okay if I don’t succeed at everything. Somethings will take time to understand and, even though you already work countless hours, I appreciate your willingness to help me figure out the things that I just don’t get.

Finally, thank you, Husband, for loving me. This may be the most important thank you yet! People always tell you, the relationship dynamic changes once you have kids, and until you have kids, it is easy to shrug that comment off as if it’s not true. But it is proving to be more true than I could have ever imagined. We don’t stop being husband and wife just because we add ‘parent’ to our title. Although we are still figuring out how to properly juggle this aspect of life, I am grateful for the way you understand that, some nights, just being with you is the romance my life needs at the time. Thank you for being my best friend!

18 Replies to “To the Dad Working Extra Hours”

  1. This is so sweet. Thank you for this inspiring post. It’s so easy to see the hard work we’re doing and miss what those around us are sacrificing.

    1. Definitely hard for the tired soul to look beyond their exhaustion, but it helps you appreciate what you enjoy everyday

  2. It is so important to appreciate what each person in the family contributes. We all contribute different things, and sometimes it is hard to understand each others contributions when we don’t live them ourselves!

    1. So easy to look at our personal situation and not see the sacrifices made by others. And we go without saying thank you too often it feels

    1. Thank you so much. It’s easy to get swept up the chaos of life but stopping and acknowledging someone else’s sacrifice really helps you appreciate what you have.

    1. I am definitely guilty of overlooking the work dad does for our family. I get caught up in dirty diapers and laundry and meals and the list goes on, but without him we would be lacking.

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