Kid Crafts: Coffee Can Handprint Flower Pot 

Kid crafts are a regular thing in our house. Coffee drinking is also a regular thing in my world.

Raise your hand if you have become a coffee connoisseur since becoming a mom? (You don’t really have to) Good to know I am not alone. Coffee has definitely become my pick-me-up drink since I finished nursing the kids and no longer drink pop- I’m from Ohio and refuse to call it anything else. One morning, as I was using the last of a coffee canister, my mind started brainstorming ways to use the empty canister. Since I enjoy kid crafts I knew it had to be something that involved them. As I washed their little hands after breakfast, the lightbuld went off. A flower pot displaying their hand prints… afterall it’s only for a moment their hands will be small enough to craft such a keepsake.

Handprint Flower Pot

To start the flower pot, I washed too empty coffee canisters and gathered some Acrylic paint. Moose and Fox chose the colors to paint with and we headed outside. Anytime I craft with my kids, it’s almost a guarantee that chaos will ensue, but that’s part of the fun. After the paint dried (a few weeks later in my world) it was time to handprint the flower pots. (Fox never seems too sure when I apply paint to her hands or feet, but it doesn’t keep me from trying. ) Once this was dry, I sprayed the pots with clear enamel spray to help keep the paint from wearing off outdoors. Finally, I added holes to the bottom to allow excess water to drain from the pot. Then we added soil and seeds (of course you can plant pregrown flowers but Moose is currently fascinated with growing plants).

Kid crafts handprint flower pot

Surprise DIY Father’s Day Gift

Kid crafts Father's day photos

Kid crafts are a great way to include toddlers in a Father’s Day Gift. It can also be tricky in two ways 1) the obvious equation: toddlers+crafts=chaos.  2) you want to craft something that’s meaningful but also not too feminine. Enter a Rustic Picture Board. For our gift this year, I wanted to create a picture “frame” where daddy could change out the pictures as easily as time causes them to grow older. I immediately knew I wanted to use these peel and stick tiles from Lowe’s. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of finishes so now my only question was, how do I create a board with them without adding extra weight?

??Poster Board?? To begin, I measured and cut 4- 6 inch pieces, and 4- 3 inch pieces. Next, I arranged the pieces on the poster board- before peeling off the liner. These tiles are very sticky, so I wanted to be sure I liked the layout. Remove the liner and apply to poster board. Trim any excess poster board from around your tiles. Then comes the fun (or chaos in my case) paw prints from our dog, a hand print from Fox and two foot prints from Moose.  We applied these near the bottom of the board to allow room for pictures to hang above.

Picture board with kid prints

For the pictures, I jumped on the “Dad bandwagon” and crafted letters to photograph with each kid. The letters were made from poster board and scrapbooking paper. (Tip: save time and money and use both sides of the D.) With each amateur photo shoot I attempt with my kids, the more respect I have for professional photographers. We make the best out of the situation and usually end up with a few keepers. Hang your pictures on the board using some craft clothes pins.
Kid crafts rustic dad picture board

I would love to hear from you. What are some of your favorite kid crafts? What have been your successes and failures?

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  1. What a neat idea! Too bad my kids aren’t younger, because my dad likes planting things in pots in their backyard, and this would be a neat gift for him.

    1. Not sure how old your kids are, but simple planters pots would work as well. I’m glad you like the idea; maybe there’s another way to include them in crafting a unique pot for your dad. You can always incorporate some of his interests or hobbies into the design of a planter.

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