GatorBugLLC: Handmade Baby Quilts and Decor

Handmade baby quilts are a rare treasure. In today’s society, everything we can imagine seems to be able to be mass produced making it available at a moment’s notice. But there is some serious nostalgia that is brought forth when you come upon a handmade baby quilt. To know that somebody labored in love to cover your sweet bundle is irreplacable. Which is why I’m beyond excited to share this post about GatorBugLLC : Handmade Baby Quilts and decor. 

GatorBugLLC Handmade Baby Quilt

My dear friend, Cindy, has followed her heart to create the GatorBugLLC shop on Etsy.  Her shop is currently compiled of handmade baby quilts and fabric garlands. They are the perfect compliment to any nursery. “GatorBug creations are designed to remind us of how awesomely spectacular and important we are in God’s eyes. Each piece I make, has a story. It is inspired from scripture and sewn together by one mom while she’s praying for another.” (GatorBug “About” section)

GatorBugLLC Fabric Garland
GatorBug Fabric Garland
For each of my kids, I wanted their nursery to be unique and not something you could find in a million homes. That’s exactly what you will find with GatorBugLLC. While the patterns and colors may match trends and fads of the time, you will know your baby’s quilt will be crafted with love.  You can also request a color theme or pattern of your choice.

GatorBugLLC Fox's quilt
Fox’s quilt

Cindy was gracious enough to gift Fox with a handmade baby quilt when Fox was born, and I absolutely adore it!  The quality with which it was made, assures me this will be something Fox will treasure for years to come. This will definitely be a keepsake which can be passed from generation to generation.


Please take a moment to check out this wonderfully adorable shop.  You can shop for yourself or a loved one and know you are in good hands. When you purchase from GatorBugLLC, you are getting more than just a quilt or decor; you are receiving a family keepsake that will hold cherished memories as your little one grows.