Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party. Four simple words. But when I began planning Fox’s second birthday party, I knew those words would be the most important words for her big day. To say Fox loves Minnie Mouse might be the biggest understatement this side of Disney World. Anytime “birthday party” was mentioned, Fox would chime in with “me Minnie Mouse”. And so without a doubt, a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party would be planned.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party


It all began with the cake. Despite my best efforts to not let Pinterest get the best of me, I saw this Minnie Mouse cake and knew it would be what the party was planned around. I enjoy cake baking and decorating and I was up for the challenge. The bottom cake was chocolate fudge filled with chocolate chip cookie dough; the top tier was cookies and cream cake filled with Oreo buttercream. After stressing about the decorating process (which I go through with every cake), Fox was thrilled with the end result.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake
Fox’s Minnie Mouse Cake

To complete the decorations, I cut mouse heads stenciled onto black card stock. Using  an embossing gun, embossing pens, and embossing powder, I wrote “Happy Birthday” on the mouse heads. Cut out Minnie Mouse bows of glitter card stock completed the look. Each were hung with mini craft clothes pins to jute twine.

Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday Banner
I also wanted a photo frame to capture guests at the party. This was super easy and inexpensive. I used a black foam board from the Dollar Store, cut out a rectangle in the middle, then added decorations to complete the “Minnie” look. I hung the frame using fishing line between two trees. (Tip: if hanging for young children, reinforce the fishing line by covering with packing tape). We also used  these photo booth props to complete the photo experience.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Photo Booth

Keeping snacks to a minimum was definitely the way to go for this occassion. Afterall, the main event for any birthday is the cake. Fox’s party featured cheese and crackers, flavored popcorn and a caramel apple bar. The caramel apple bar was a huge hit. Simply set up a crock pot with glass containers inside. I filled one container with Kraft caramel candies and a second with chocolate chips. Add water (outside the candy containers) and set the crock pot on low. Both candies melted somewhat thick so I added heavy whipping cream to the chocolate to make it more dippable. I wasn’t sure how to thin the caramel (suggestions welcome) so we enjoyed some thick and gooey caramel.

Caramel apple bar
I labeled each food station with adorable Minnie Mouse tags I found through a Google search. All in all it was a successful party, and Fox had a blast.
I’d love to hear about your party successes. Please share in the comments.

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  1. You did an amazing job! The decorations were perfect, the food was great, and the cake… oh the cake! Best cake I have ever had! I loved the photo props and am pretty sad I forgot to get over there to take pics with the kids! I love, love, love the Minnie theme! Your hard work certainly showed in this Pinterest perfect party!

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