Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party. Four simple words. But when I began planning Fox’s second birthday party, I knew those words would be the most important words for her big day. To say Fox loves Minnie Mouse might be the biggest understatement this side of Disney World. Anytime “birthday party” was mentioned, Fox would chime in with “me Minnie Mouse”. And so without a doubt, a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party would be planned.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party


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GatorBugLLC: Handmade Baby Quilts and Decor

Handmade baby quilts are a rare treasure. In today’s society, everything we can imagine seems to be able to be mass produced making it available at a moment’s notice. But there is some serious nostalgia that is brought forth when you come upon a handmade baby quilt. To know that somebody labored in love to cover your sweet bundle is irreplacable. Which is why I’m beyond excited to share this post about GatorBugLLC : Handmade Baby Quilts and decor. 

GatorBugLLC Handmade Baby Quilt

My dear friend, Cindy, has followed her heart to create the GatorBugLLC shop on Etsy.  Her shop is currently compiled of handmade baby quilts and fabric garlands. They are the perfect compliment to any nursery. “GatorBug creations are designed to remind us of how awesomely spectacular and important we are in God’s eyes. Each piece I make, has a story. It is inspired from scripture and sewn together by one mom while she’s praying for another.” (GatorBug “About” section)

GatorBugLLC Fabric Garland
GatorBug Fabric Garland
For each of my kids, I wanted their nursery to be unique and not something you could find in a million homes. That’s exactly what you will find with GatorBugLLC. While the patterns and colors may match trends and fads of the time, you will know your baby’s quilt will be crafted with love.  You can also request a color theme or pattern of your choice.

GatorBugLLC Fox's quilt
Fox’s quilt

Cindy was gracious enough to gift Fox with a handmade baby quilt when Fox was born, and I absolutely adore it!  The quality with which it was made, assures me this will be something Fox will treasure for years to come. This will definitely be a keepsake which can be passed from generation to generation.


Please take a moment to check out this wonderfully adorable shop.  You can shop for yourself or a loved one and know you are in good hands. When you purchase from GatorBugLLC, you are getting more than just a quilt or decor; you are receiving a family keepsake that will hold cherished memories as your little one grows.


Let Them Be Little

Let them be littleI am in an interesting position. Here in southern Mississippi a new school year is starting. I have plenty of friends celebrating this milestone in their children’s lives, but since Moose is not school aged yet, I am experiencing a whole different array of emotions. I was a text book nerd growing up, so I can’t wait to celebrate this coming of age with Moose and Fox when the time comes. But today, I am overcome with the reminder to let them be little.

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 I Still Do: Date Your Spouse- 6 Easy Dates That Won’t Break the Bank

Today, I celebrate 13 years of marriage to my husband. Our road has not always been smooth, but all the bumps along the way have strengthened us and give me reason to look forward to the next (13)years of I Still Do. And as I say “I Still Do,”  I start thinking about how important it is to date your spouse.


I still do: Date Your Spouse


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Parent Guilt: 5 Things to Remember When You Have This Feeling

Parent Guilt: 5 Things to Remember When You Have This Feeling

We have had a visitor sneaking in with our family lately. He’s been lurking in shadows waiting to pounce on us at moments when we let our guard down; moments when we feel defeated and vulnerable. This visitor is highly unwelcome;  of course this visitor doesn’t have a physical presence so it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of. I suspect many of you have been in the presence of this sneaky visitor as well. Who is this visitor? Parent guilt.


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Grace Filled Parenting| Disciplining With Love

Grace filled parenting. Sometimes this seems so easily obtainable and other times it seems to be the last thing I will ever achieve. 

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Overnight Apple Pie French Toast Casserole

French toast wrapped in layers of cinnamon apples and creamy cheese. This overnight apple pie will make even the most non-morning person excited about mornings.


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Toddler Sleep Regression: how we helped our 3 year old get better sleep with one simple trick

Toddler sleep better

Toddler sleep. It’s a funny thing; ever changing and unpredictable and can lead to some very sleepless nights.

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Kid Crafts: Coffee Can Handprint Flower Pot 

Kid crafts are a regular thing in our house. Coffee drinking is also a regular thing in my world.

Raise your hand if you have become a coffee connoisseur since becoming a mom? (You don’t really have to) Good to know I am not alone. Coffee has definitely become my pick-me-up drink since I finished nursing the kids and no longer drink pop- I’m from Ohio and refuse to call it anything else. One morning, as I was using the last of a coffee canister, my mind started brainstorming ways to use the empty canister. Since I enjoy kid crafts I knew it had to be something that involved them. As I washed their little hands after breakfast, the lightbuld went off. A flower pot displaying their hand prints… afterall it’s only for a moment their hands will be small enough to craft such a keepsake.

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Building Hope

Being a stay at home mom is one of the most challenging jobs I have ever had. Unlike most jobs, stay at home moms don’t get the chance to punch out and take a breather. Chaos consumes my life pretty much from sun up to sundown. Because of this, it’s easy for me start to feel a sense of melancholy. My kids are a source indescribable joy, but they also continually introduce new trials.


We have recently been working with Moose trying to teach him how to put puzzles together. Like most things in this parenting game, this presented challenges for which I was unprepared. Then one day, it all just clicked and he was piecing together puzzles of varying difficulty all of his own accord. It got me thinking, that’s what life is like: we struggle with different tasks and then one day something clicks and what once seemed overwhelming and impossible now feels achievable. 

That’s the purpose of this blog for me. I don’t have things all figured out and I stumble on a nearly daily basis, but I want to encourage other moms to keep their heads up. In Finding Peace, I talked about my personal struggle as a Stay at Home Mom and how I found joy and happiness in my circumstances through prayer. This is an ongoing quest filled with hills and valleys, but those days which seem dark and low are never the end.

In John 10:10, Jesus says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” My kids are still young, but I am realizing this time is fleeting. I want to have that abundant life with my kids, happy and full of joy. I want this to be a time I cherish, not wish away. This is fully obtainable, but I won’t succeed on my own. 


I need a support group. A group of moms who can encourage one another along the way and help remind each other of the happiness God promises when we follow Him. Journaling is a great way to reflect on where you have been and how far God has brought you. This also provides a record of what helped you through tough situations, so you can build hope and inspire other moms along their journey.


So that’s my mission. I want to build a community of moms who celebrate one another and build each other up when we stumble. I want to provide hope to the mom who has had another bad mommy day because we all have them and deserve some encouragement when we feel like we’re backed against the wall.  Much like a jigsaw puzzle, our pieces will start to fit together and we’ll see the bigger, brighter picture.


I want to hear from you. Share your thoughts on how you build other moms up when life gets a little tough.